DMM Boa Steel


The 12mm Boa HMS in steel has all the strengths and versatility of its alloy sibling, but has a rated strength of 40kN! It can be used for many applications where a large gate opening or large internal volume are required. The smooth rounded internal form is very useful when rotating the carabiner through attachment eyes and the basket curves nicely to allow central hanging of loaded components (minimising the scary clicking associated with extreme D shaped connectors).The Locksafe version excels in situation where ease of use and maximum security are a premium.Features 

  • Conforms to EN362:2004/B
  • HMS shape provides large internal volume and gate clearance
  • Smooth internal shape for ease of rotation through attachment eyes
  • 12mm bar section for maximum strength
  • Cold forged and fully heat treated carbon steel for high strength and durability
  • Zinc plated to EN ISO 2081:2008 Fe/Zn 5c standard for corrosion protection
  • Recommended as a belaying carabiner in conjunction with dynamic nylon ropes
  • Individually marked for traceability

Strength: 40 KN - Weight: 280 g - Materal: Steel - Opening: 24 mm - Gate: 3-action