HB Brass Offsets Set


Think of your rack as a box of magical tricks designed to help you tame even the trickiest of climbs. When the going gets tough Brass Offsets are one of the best tricks you can try.Imagine the situation: high on a test piece route you grind to a halt, miles out from the last decent runner. It’s time to contemplate your next move. The rock in front of you presents no normal runner placements, all that you have to play with are narrow, shallow cracks, the type that happen to be slightly flared too.You have seen other climbers turn tail and make a cowering retreat from this very point, but you find some placements for your trusty offsets. Once they are clipped, off you go forging a line to the top of the route, each upward step given a confidence boost by those magic little nuts glinting in the sun.Okay, so that is quite a fanciful story, but if truth be told most cracks are actually flared. Once you’ve started using Offsets, be they the bigger alloy ones or these smaller brass ones, it soon becomes hard to imagine going climbing without them.Features

  • Offset brass micro nuts on wire
  • Aluminium swage aids even loading
  • Machined from brass and silver soldered for strength
  • 7 sizes
  • Colour coded for easy recognition

VariantWeightStrengthColourCat NoHB Brass Offset 04g2kNGoldA1700HB Brass Offset 17g4kNBlueA1701HB Brass Offset 29g5kNRedA1702HB Brass Offset 310g5kNGreyA1703HB Brass Offset 414g7kNPurpleA1704HB Brass Offset 517g7kNGreenA1705HB Brass Offset 624g10kNSilverA1706HB Brass Offsets 2-433g--A1702/04HB Brass Offsets 0-685g--A1700/06

Rock Climbing Protection