Kong Frog Quickdraw


With the innovative approach that characterizes KONG, comes the Frog, a revolutionary directional connector, provided with an automatic clamping action that takes place when it touches the anchor point.
Produced after an intensive design phase in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan, Frog is a totally new connector, both in its appearance and in its mechanism.
Frog makes obsolete the concept of a carabiner thought as a "hook".
The insertion is extraordinarily quick and safe, even in distant anchor points, not easily reached with standard connectors.
It automatically clamps when it comes in contact with the anchor point.
Sling length 120mm.
High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.

New version with fixed pin that prevents accidental disassembly


Articolo Certification Material Colour Shape
704012000KK CE EN 12275CE EN 362/A/T Alu alloy   Black/Orange 22 / / 70 Special 86 51 / / 12.7
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