No Worries 1 Green Lever


NoWorries™ Double Stop Descenders connect between a users harness and rope line and are designed to regulate friction and control the descent on an anchored rope. A genuine two person reversible descent control device that climbs as easily as it descends.Features:

  • Multi-function design
  • Incorporates the functionality of a stop descender, chest ascender and belay device 
  • Auto stop descent mechanism 
  • Allows you to hard lock off if you intend to be stopped for any length of time 
  • One handed auto stop belay 
  • Suits 12.5-13.5mm rope (models for 10.5-12.0mm rope also available) 
  • A genuine two person rescue device
  • Aluminium construction with anodised finish (stainless steel models also available) 
  • Handle colour = Green, signifies product is ideal for use with 12.5-13.5mm rope