Ortlieb Bike Basket


Groceries and other purchases from your stroll through town – you can take them all home conveniently and securely in the ORTLIEB bike basket. Made of a lightweight nylon fabric and featuring a drawstring flap closure, the basket offers variable stowage space and a maximum payload of 10 kg. Outfitted with the award-winning ORTLIEB Rack-Lock adapter system, the basket fits on virtually all commercially available bike racks – no matter whether they are wide or narrow, or come with or without a spring clamp. The basket remains securely attached to the bike rack and can be easily removed with a single hand. Thanks to the durable adapter on its underside, the basket stays upright on any surface for more convenient loading and unloading. Available in two sizes.

Further features:

+ Padded handle

+ inside zippered pocket

+ reflector

+ max. capacity 10 kg

height:22 cm 
width:38 cm 
depth:24 cm 
weight:860 g 
volume:15 L 

fabric:PS33/PS21R  black - grey 



140gr, 11cm x 10cm x 15cm

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