Tanno Shirt


Be the type of person you want to meet. Now that about sums it up, right? Sporting this logo and a v-neck, this bike shirt is guaranteed to get the conversation going. The environment will thank you as well - the material used is made with resource-conserving manufacturing in accordance with the bluesign® standard.all-mountain-cutProducts with this logo have casual cuts and are especially designed to meet the demands of mountain bikers.UPF-50+Excellent UV protection so that you can enjoy the sun and mountain sports well protected. A UPF rating of 50+ means that a given piece of fabric allows less than 2% (<1/50) of the UV rays that hit it to penetrate through. This is the same as 98% UV protection. The UV protection is created by the choice of fibers, weave, and material thickness or by inserting a titanium dioxide “protective screen” into the fabric. Titanium dioxide is completely environmentally friendly and has been rated by the EU as harmless.

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