Tendon NFPA Static


These excellent ropes with low elongation and high static strength are intended primarily for work at highand for securing people above vertical drops. Recommended use are rescue operations, work positioning andmilitary and police use. Occasional use for NFPA certificated ropes meet the life safety rope requirements ofNFPA 1983. Standard on fire service life safety rope and equipement for emergency services, 2012 edition.Diameter (in) 0.433 (11mm)MBS* (kN) 40.5MBS* (LB) 9105Weight (g/m) 83Elongation at 10% MBS (%) 7.6Elongation at 1.35 kN (300 lbf) (%) 3.3Elongation at 2.70 kN (600 lbf) (%) 5.6Elongation at 4.40 kN (1000 lbf) (%) 8.3NFPA 1983 2012 edition Yes Classified General useType A  EN 1981CE 1019

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