Tendon Canyon Grande


 Maximum wear resistance, low elongation and increased water resistance are properties that make Canyon the right rope for various water sports. Thanks to the combination of the materials PA for the sheath and PPV for the core, the rope has a low capacity for absorption and floats on the surface.

  • rope diameter (mm)10
  • width (mm)61
  • sheath slippage (mm)3
  • number of falls min50*
  • number of falls max50*
  • relative mass of sheath (%)49
  • elongation (50-150 kg)(%)3.II
  • shrinkage (%)1.VII
  • min. tenacity (kN)19
  • min. tenacity with knots (kg)12
  • min. tenacity with knots (kN)12
  • used materialPA/PPV
  • floatingyes
  • noteweight 55 kg, fall factor 1
  • CE 1019yes
  • EN 1891yes - Tested as Type B except for minimum strength and material
  • weight (g/m)60,9
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