FixPlus Strap Nano 40cm 2 pack Black

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The Nano Version' - 2-pack
Securing, bundling, fastening - it has never been easier, because you were either looking for a suitable cable tie or an elastic strap. Our strap combines the advantages of both systems - without their disadvantages. Because it can be used with one hand, is flexible like an elastic strap but without the insidious snapping back and, above all, reusable. Simple! Brilliant.

Naked facts:
40cm long, 1.2cm wide and 12g light
TPU Elastic fixing strap with one-hand function
Alloy fastening buckle
65kg tensile strength
Versatile, durable, tear-resistant, flexible
Heat and cold resistant (-30°/+60°C) , UV resistant, seawater resistant
Can be daisy chained for longer lengths
Fasten equipment, bundle hoses, cables or rods, connect things with each other - this ingenious strap has almost unlimited uses.