Stubai Tube Belay Device

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The TUBE is a lightweight and compact belay/rappel device, with grooved
V-shaped brake notches. This forged aluminium Tuber can be used in two
ways - either for high friction on the grooved side, or for easier
running on the opposite, smooth side. The rope feed is optimal in
either. The Tube reduces rope-wear and prevents annoying kinking. It
is designed for use with a Type H Karabiner satisfying EU Norm CE EN
12275 and a dynamic climbing rope certified to EN 892 and/or UIAA


> For use with single, twin or half ropes
> Can be used with one or two ropes
> Ideal as an anchor for leading and abseiling
> Finished in forged aluminium
> AL-6061 used for optimum weight:stability ratio
> anodized
> Lasered-on directions for use
> Light and compact
> 2 working positions, for greater or lesser friction
> grooved, V-shaped brake notches for effective braking
> Seperate feeds help prevent rope knots and kinks

Technical data

Recommened rope dimensions
Half- or twin rope from 7,7-9,5 mm
Single rope 8,9-11 mm
Weight 62 g