AustriAlpin HMS Rondo Slide Autolock Selfie Green

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The HMS RONDO is equipped with the fastest locking mechanism worldwide – the Slide Autolock! The Slide Autolock can be opened easily
by just pressing the embedded brass slider. The gate automatically locks when releasing the slider. Through the embedded positioning of the
button, it’s nearly impossible to open the gate unintendedly. Especially users who are looking for an easy-to-use and safe carabiner will love
the HMS RONDO Slide Autolock. The design of the carabiner prevents the build up of sharp edges from rope friction. The round
profile allows for fluid rope management and the SELFIE twist protection which keeps the carabiner in place on the belay loop make the HMS RONDO
the ideal carabiner for the use on a harness
Weight 88g
Length 110mm
Width 72mm
Min. breaking load in longitudinal direction 23kN
Min. breaking load in the minor axis 10kN
Min. breaking load with open gate 7kN
Lock slide autolock
Gate opening 26mm
Made in Austria